BREAKING NEWS: Body Discovered in the Diamond area


breaking-newsA body found this morning in the Diamond area is said to be that of a female between the age group 17-25. She is said to be heavy set in built with braided hair, wearing black clothing. The body is still fresh with what appears to be a trauma to the head.

More on this on SVGTV News @ 6:45pm

News Update 4:50 pm

Police Report on the female body found earlier today:

Earlier today, between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., the body of an unidentified female was discovered dead at Kings Hill Forest Reserve.

The female is dark in complexion, braided hair, 5ft 6ins tall, and weighing approximately 200 lbs. She was found in a close fitted black short dress and a silver chain on her left ankle.

Anyone who has not seen a relative or friend for the past twenty four (24) hours, should contact the Police at these numbers:- 4584200, 4561810 , 457-1211 ext. 224/225.


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