Transport Minister says NOBA Doesn’t have a Valid Reason to Strike


julian-francisMinister of State responsible for Transport and Works Julian Francis says that the National Omni Bus Association (NOBA) does not have a good enough reason to take industrial action and also questions the motive of its president.

In responding to remarks made by NOBA’s president, Anthony Bacchus, in which he suggested that the government stop wasting the country’s resources and to instead fix the roads, Francis says such remarks are very callous and unfair.

The Minister of State says that the recent arrival of building materials estimated at $4.5 million dollars is solely for the lives to live program. Francis says that the needs of the people especially those who are homeless and without basic appliances and facilities takes precedence over the conditions of the roads

Francis notes that it is obvious, that the government is making efforts to repair the roads though it is taking longer than expected. He says there have been some setbacks but they are working tirelessly in the Ministry of Works to get back on track.

The Minister of State adds that the government has made attempts to reach out to the National Omni Bus Association on numerous occasions and that unfortunately not all of NOBA’s requests have been reasonable.

According to Francis while the government is working to fix the roads the van drivers have to understand that they too have a part to play in ensuring the comfort and safety of their passengers.

He says though NOBA appears to be determined to take industrial action, he is available to have a more in-depth discussion and to find the best ways in which they can resolve the matter.

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