Kevin Lyttle Unable to Perform at Benefit Concert due to Travel Arrangement Mix Up


kevin-lyttleVincentian born international recording artiste Kevin Lyttle was not able to keep his commitment to the vincentian public in performing at the benefit concert held last Sunday evening at the Victoria Park due to a mix up with his travel arrangement.

On Sunday afternoon hours before little was slated to perform, he posted a video on social media stating that he is unable to be in St. Vincent because his flight was not booked.

Dr Jacqueline James-Lyttle, the CEO of Tarakon Records posted a statement on social media stating that Lyttle deserves an apology.

She said despite several attempts made by his team and herself, the travel arrangements were not fulfilled, noting that they were lead to believe that the flight was being booked but never received confirmation of such.

James-Lyttle says she is extremely disappointed in the way her husband’s travel arrangements were handled and even more frustrated that once again it may appear to the artiste’s fans and country as though he does not care.

When SVGTV News contacted the travel agency in which Lyttle’s management team said they were in contact with, we were told by a member of the management team that they wished not to comment on the matter.

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