Russia breaches World Anti-Doping Agency’s Codes


Embattled country, Russia has been summoned as one of six countries ruled to be in breach of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s codes.

The other countries deemed “non-compliant” by WADA are Argentina, Ukraine, Bolivia, Andorra and Israel.

Brazil, Belgium, France, Greece, Mexico and Spain have been placed on a ‘watch list’ and must meet strict conditions by March 2016 or face similar action.

Meanwhile, Kenya has been ordered to explain its doping controls or join those countries under scrutiny.

Wada has indicated that if Kenya’s answers are “unsatisfactory”, it could also face sanctions as there are 15 Kenyans currently banned for doping by athletics’ governing body the IAAF.

Russia’s athletics federation is already provisionally banned from international competition for its alleged involvement in widespread doping.

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