Public Health Department Serious about Derelict Vehicle Removal


The Public Health Department is serious about its commitment to rid SVG of derelict vehicles.

Chief Environment Health Officer Neri James  made this clear as he spoke with SVGTV News on site where several abandoned vehicles were removed by work crews of the solid waste management unit across in the Campden area yesterday.

James said prior to yesterday; vehicles were inspected and tagged as part of the earlier phase of the operation with the work today consisting of the removal of such vehicles in targeted communities.

James added that the response from the public has so far been good as they strive to make SVG a healthier nation

Deeming the project as massive operation, James highlighted one particular vehicle which he described as a health risk

Collections superintendent at the Solid Waste Management Unit Gregg Francois said some vehicles not only pose a health risk to the public but also a  hazard for one’s own safety.

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