Colin Graham Accused of Abuse by Girlfriend


Newly selected candidate for the opposition New Democratic Party in East St. George , radio personality Colin “The Hitman” Graham has this week been the center of attention in the political circle.

The latest debate comes after his girlfriend made a post on social media on Wednesday 23rd August, accusing him of holistically abusing her.

She also alleged that she has police and hospital documents to substantiate her claims.

In a facebook post after the accusation came to light Graham stated that, “Sometimes we have to use our own personal experiences as bad as they are, to highlight the bigger issues, that not only affect us personally but also plague the country.”

The allegations has sparked strong disapproval by some members of the public, while others have commended Graham for owning up to his wrong.

On radio yesterday at his workplace Hot 97.1 FM on the “AM Mayhem” Morning Show, Graham insisted that his girlfriend should not be ridiculed for speaking up and described her action as being brave.

Grahams said that as he is being considered as the NDP candidate for East St. George, he must show the example and own up to his for his flaws  and called on persons who have been abuse not to be afraid to speak up.

Meanwhile, the importance of not only victims, but also perpetrators getting help to deal with domestic violence, has been highlighted by president of the National Council of Women Beverly Richards.

In a statement issued yesterday condemning the recent acts of domestic violence here Richards stated that for the scourge to be broken, persons in society must “speak up, support and seek help.”

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