Vincentians Encouraged to Adopt Good Hygienic Practices to Prevent Spread of Red Eye


Vincentians are being encouraged to adopt good hygienic practices to avoid being contaminated with the bacteria which cause Conjunctivitis commonly known as Red Eye

A release from the Ministry of Health stated that so far SVG has recorded 294 recorded cases of the infection and has appealed to the public to adhere to various hygienic practices which will go a long way in reducing infection.

Conjunctivitis creates symptoms such as redness, itchiness, production of excessive tears as well as create a clear or yellow discharge which cause the eye lids stick together as well as swelling of the eyes

To avoid catching the bacteria persons are advise to keeping unwashed hands from the face and eyes as well as to wash hands often with soap and warm water or alternatively utilize used alcohol based hand sanitizer.

It also recommends that one should disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs counter tops in shared places.

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