Minister of Transport & Works Expects High Quality Road Repair Work


Minister of Transport and Works said he is looking forward to high quality work to be done by private contractors and the Building Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) currently undertaking road repair work across the country.

At a media conference on monday the Transport and Work Minister said over 17.6 million dollars have been allocated to BRAGSA with some 13.7 million dollars to be used for road repair work .

Minister Francis took the opportunity to highlight road repair work to be done in the East Kingstown, East  St. George and Marriaqua constituencies  as well as the contractors responsible for the work.

Whist highlighting some of the work done in the South Windward constituency the Transport and Works Minister also spoke on some of the limitations which both BRAGSA and the private contractors will face in executing their work.

Stating that he expects quality work to be done under the roads repair work programme the transport and works minister said the public can also do their part to ensure the contractors provide quality work.

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