SVG in “Good Standing” with OECS Pharmaceutical Service


With a payment of a bill amounting to just over $3- million dollars, this country is now said to be in “good standing” with the OECS Pharmaceutical Procurement Service.

This announcement was made in parliament on Tuesday by Minister of Health, Luke Browne, when the question was posed to him by Member of Parliament for West Kingstown Daniel Cummings, — as to the status of payment to the regional pharmaceutical company.

Minister Browne stated that the payment was made up to June and the July bill amounts to some $980-thousand dollars. He said that with some checks & balances, the July bill will soon be paid.

Minister Browne also called on management of medical supply stores, to be more prudent in what supplies are acquired and how they are sourced from the port.

In response to the second part of the question which dealt with attempts, by the government to ensure the continued relationship with the OECS Pharmaceutical Service, Minister Browne made suggestions to have monthly invoices among other changes.

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