Over $800 Thousand Dollars Collected from Telecom Tax


Over $800-Thousand dollars have been acquired from the 2% levy imposed on mobile international calls up to 2017 July.

This was revealed by Minister of Telecommunications Camillo Gonsalves as he responded to a question in parliament related to 2% levy imposed on outgoing mobile calls on data which goes into the Zero Hunger Trust Fund.

The minister said that this was part of this country’s initiative towards fulfilling the United Nations sustainable development goals. He noted that from March 2016 – December 2016 close to $490-Thousand was collected while from January to July 2017 just over $400-Thousand was accumulated.

The telecommunications minister pointed out that the projected $2.7 million dollars expected to be collected may not be gained because more persons are using WIFI applications such as whatsapp to communicate.

Gonsalves outlined that close to $394 thousand dollars has been spent to ensure that 300 kindergarten students in several schools throughout the country, received assistance from the zero hunger fund.

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