L.O.V.N. SVG President Nailah John Demanding Apology from ULP General Secretary


Founder and President of “Leave Out Violence in SVG” — L.O.V.N. SVG;  Nailah John is dispelling claims made by General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Julian Francis that she knew that Colin “Hitman” Graham – abused his girlfriend.

Francis on Star FM radio, made claims that John had Graham, who is a popular radio personality, on her platform as the master of ceremonies at the L.O.V.N. SVG events, knowing that he was a domestic abuser.

John who is  a staunch activist against violence and abuse said that she only found out about Graham’s past like everyone else through social media when his girlfriend, Iyah Jacobs revealed through a post that she had been abused by Graham.

John said that she has been in contact with both Graham and Jacobs and has sought help for both of them.

John who operates the nearly 7 year old L.O.V.N. SVG non-profit organization, said Francis needs to “get his facts straight” and has called for an apology from the ULP’s general secretary.

She also emphasized the need to not shame victims and abusers when they share their stories, noting that such action is counterproductive.

SVGTV News reached out to Francis he however decline to comment on the matter.

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