Director of Gender Affairs Believes Solution to Domestic Violence must start at the Bottom


Domestic violence against women, men and children is not ok, and as a society, we must all do our part to decrease and more so eradicate this scourge from SVG.

That’s the message coming out of NBC Radio’s Views and Issues program on Sunday September 10th, as panelists shared their views on the on going issue of violence against women in the country

In her remarks Director of Gender Affairs in the Ministry of National Mobilization Polly Oliver spoke on the need to challenge the growing issue of violence against women, which she outlined as being one of the most significant barriers to development.           

Oliver went on to note that the mission to find a solution towards the prevention of domestic violence and violence against women must start at the bottom.

Another panelist on the program was President of the National Council of Women Beverly Richards who expressed her belief that domestic violence begins with the youth.

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