Vicious Propaganda Machine Attacks reason for lack of Women in Politics in SVG


Lawyer turn politician Kay Bacchus-Baptiste says the vicious attacks perpetrated by a propaganda machine is what is preventing a lot of women here from getting involved in active politics.

Bacchus-Baptiste who is expected to be the NDP candidate for the West St. George constituency in the next general election on Boom FM’s OMG program on Wednesday gave an example of a former female NDP senator.  Baptiste stated that this alleged propaganda machine targets women in particular and is the main reason there is a lack of women on the NDP platform

Bacchus-Baptiste added that women have something unique to offer in the political arena and called for the end of fear tactics which she said prevents a lot of women from participating in politics.

According to Bacchus-Baptiste she is running on a vision of hope and so far she has been receiving overwhelming support.

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