Chief Agriculture Officer says Food Security is a Must and Cannot be Slighted


Serious investments are needed in food production in order to sustain the livelihood of all Vincentians.

That is according to the Chief Agriculture Officer Ashley Caine as he spoke at the launch of activities to be held in commemoration of world food day.

This year’s activities will be held under the theme “change the future of migration; invest in food security and rural development”.

Giving a biblical example of the jewish people’s failure to ensure their food security, which led to their enslavement, Caine stressed the need for more attention to be paid to food security and nutrition here in SVG.

Also speaking at the launching ceremony was Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Raymond Ryan who stated that in developed countries agricultural income and growth are dependent on the breakthrough of technology and highlighted the importance of education and investment in the sector.

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)’s representative Dr. Coleen Phillips said  currently malnutrition is a global issue with the world needing to produce 60 percent more food by 2050 to accommodate population growth.

Phillips added that investing in sustainable food systems and rural development will also include developing strategies against climate change and migration problems

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