Police Investigating 3 Seperate Shooting Incidents over the Weekend


Police are investigating the shooting deaths of 3 persons in separate incidents in this country over the weekend.

On Friday 22nd September, Vermont resident, Raphael O’Neil, was shot and killed by unknown assailants at a shop around 10:40pm.

O’Neil also known as “Snakey”, was recently released from prison and the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear.

Police are also investigating the shooting death of a man killed along the Casson Hill road around 11pm last Friday night.  Reports are that the man tried to rob a vehicle and its occupants, but was instead shot and killed.

Police are thirdly also investigating the death of Keisha Melville, a 25-year old mother of three who had just returned from doing a friend’s hair, when she was shot and killed in the street.

And reports are that Lionel “Brother” Ash who was shot multiple times in the Ottley Hall area some days ago, and was a patient at the hospital, has succumbed to his injures.

This brings to 28, the homicide toll in this country.

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