HIV/ AIDS Unit Seeking to Integrate into Nation’s Primary Health Care System


The HIV/ AIDS Unit in the Ministry of Health is seeking to integrate their work into the nation’s Primary Health Care services.

That’s according to the Director of the HIV/ AIDS Unit Ferosa Roache as she spoke on the Unit’s strategies in tackling the issue of HIV/ AIDS as well as stigma and discrimination.

Roache stated that the unit has had some success over the years but added that there is room for improvement and as such is aiming at integrating the Unit’s services with the Primary Health Care System and highlighted a few advantages of this move.

Roach added that a representative from the Pan American Health Organization was recently in SVG to assess the capacity of the Primary Health System and explained the john snow tool which was utilized.

In relation to discrimination and stigma Roach explained how the integration of the health services will assist in this area.

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