Seventh-Day Adventist Church Issues Statement on Crime Situation


The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in a statement on the crime situation in the country, expressed alarm at what it says is the relative ease with which guns are available in communities and are often used to commit the most heinous crimes.

According to the church no civilized society can remain indifferent to such violent behavior and that to condone this “new normal” is to perpetuate the evil and put ourselves and families at risk of living in fear, under siege or becoming victims of crimes.

The church says it strongly condemns all forms of crimes and violence and encourages all offenders or would-be perpetrators to draw back the curtains, look at their  life, consider how valuable they are in the eyes of Christ and refrain from sliding down the slippery slope of “no return.”

The church also used the opportunity express condolences to the families, who are mourning the loss of loved ones.

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