Drone Operators Urged to Collaborate with the Director of Airports


Persons wishing to utilize drone technology are being encouraged to collaborate with the Director of Airports to ensure the safety of aircraft with in SVG’s airspace.

In an interview with SVG-TV News on the issue Director of Airports Corsel Robertson said drone use is a relatively new issue, which was brought to the authorities’ attention when a drone crash landed at the now defunct ET Joshua Airport prompting safety concerns.

Senior Airport Officer Dilette Davis made it clear that international standards require that countries ensure that all aircraft manned or unmanned have permission to operate in their airspace and must also provide a system to ensure safety.

Davis took the opportunity to shed some light on the requirements needed to operate a drone in SVG.

The senior airport officer encouraged current and prospective drone operators to collaborate with the  relevant authorities and highlighted some of the dangers associated with drone operation.

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