Contractor Counting Lucky Stars after Escaping Alleged Attempted Robbery


A contractor and businessman of Owia is counting his lucky stars after escaping unhurt from what seemed like an attempted robbery in the Orange Hill area around 11am on Tuesday.

On his facebook page Arnette Pollard reported in a post that he was a victim of an attempted robbery and that bullets were fired at  his vehicle by a masked gunman.

Pollard who was on his way back from Georgetown to Owia in his vehicle said a tree branch was placed in the road and that he saw a man pointing a gun at him while another kept watch.

He said he did not stop the vehicle and went straight to report the matter to the nearest police station which was in Sandy Bay.

Pollard said he is thankful for life as the situation could have ended badly for him. The matter is under police investigation.

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  1. A frightening ordeal indeed. Thankfully he escaped unhurt but I imagine it’s not going to be the same traveling that route. This is how the escalating crime in the country erodes our confidence and sense of security.

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