National Day of Prayer Marks 10 Years Since Inception


Seeking to uplift the nation through prayer the Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs in collaboration with the National Day of Prayer Committee (NDOP) hosted a national day of prayer here on Monday October 2nd.

Marking the 10th year since its inception, the day’s activities culminated with a rally at Heritage Square which heard a number of addresses and prayers by government officials, religious leaders, students and other persons from the general public.

Delivering the sermon at Monday’s prayer rally was Bishop Chesley Ferdinand who noted that the devil’s invasion of the mind cannot be fought in a literal sense but instead this has to be done through the use of the words of God.

Bishop Ferdinand said too much focus is given to the wrong ways of man and not the goodness of God.

He further made the request for more to be done in ensuring that the nation is uplifted through prayer.

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