ULP ‘Failed Miserably’ at Fighting Crime, Claims Eustace


Former Opposition Leader and member of parliament for East Kingstown, Arnhim Eustace said the ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) has “failed miserably” at fighting crime in this country.

On radio on Monday Eustace described the recent spate of gun related crimes, as a “very serious situation.”

He said that while all Vincentians have the responsibility to help the nation, the matter must be addressed by the top brass in this country.

Eustace said he is disappointed that his party’s proposed Social & Spiritual Redemption Charter to help tackle crime in the country was not taken seriously by the ULP administration.

Eustace called for a more scientific approach to tackle crime and also expressed the view that the Social and Redemption Charter which was introduced 9 years ago, is still relevant today.

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  1. Why would anyone take it seriously? It is a vague outline that lacks clarity,and it fails to provide a discernable axiom…The NDP is as responsible for crime,as is the the government.Leaders step out ahead of issues; letting the governed know that they acknowledge the growing concerns and are working,and taking the necessary steps to ensure their security. Both the NDP and the government were silent,and when they spoke,they appeared tone deaf and hapless!

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