Campbell Criticizes the NDP for Refraining from Paying Tribute to Former Attorney General


Queen’s Counsel Parnel Campbell has described the recent decision taken by opposition members of parliament to refrain from paying tribute to former Attorney General, Judith Jones-Morgan, as a “disgrace”.

On his Law and You television programme on SVG-TV on Monday night entitled “Political Tribalism”  Campbell who served as an Attorney General under the New Democratic Party administration said that for the opposition members to refuse to even utter a sentence about the 16 and a half years of contribution made by Jones-Morgan, was simply appalling.

Campbell also expressed the view that the two “party-majority” political system in the country is encouraging much division among the people.

The Queen’s Counsel said the younger generation seems to be copying the behavior of their elders, which is hindering progress in the country.

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  1. Where was Mr. Campbell, during the 16 and a half years reign of terror of the former AG?
    Thanks to the members of the opposition for not rising to commend this wicked woman for 16 and a half years of wickedness.

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