Root Crop Farmers Here to be Given the Opportunity to Benefit More


Root crop farmers here are being given the opportunity to benefit more, as SVG is expected to increase its share in exports of the commodity to the United States.

This was announced on Wednesday by Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar at a media conference addressing various issues with the sector.

Minister Caesar stated that Dominica and SVG had previously entered into an agreement, where SVG would have 40 percent of the supply market to the United States with Dominica getting the remaining percentage.

The Agriculture Minister however noted that since the passing of the recent hurricanes which caused extensive damage to the agriculture sector in Dominica, SVG is expected to supply much more produce, thus opening an opportunity for local farmers

Minister Caesar added that traders from Dominica will be in SVG and will be visiting stakeholders to secure commodities from Vincentian farmers.

The Agriculture Minister also took the opportunity to assure Vincentian traders, that they will not be left out and highlight opportunities for trade with the Leeward Islands,

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