HPV Vaccine to be Introduced Here


Head of the HIV/AIDS unit and focal point person of the expanded programme on immunization, Ferosa Roache, is assuring the public that the decision to introduce the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine, is based on extensive research.

In an interview with SVG-TV News on Thursday, Roach outlined that HPV is a sexually transmitted virus, with more than 100 types. She explained that there are some 200-hundred thousand persons worldwide who have died from the virus which is preventable with a vaccine.

She said that the local health ministry after research conducted on 500 women, found that some 30% had the HPV virus that caused cervical cancer.

She said that after the research, the decision was made to introduce the vaccine voluntarily to girls from 10-11 years of age, as there is already an immunization program in place in that age group.

Roache said that the health ministry will continue to give information to parents and while there is side effects like any other drug, her ministry has a proven track record on immunization safety.

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