PM Gonsalves Assuring Vincentians National Security is a Top Priority


Outlining that police intelligence is being beefed up, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is assuring Vincentians that national security is top priority.

At a media conference on Tuesday, PM Gonsalves who is responsible for national security said in 2001, some $16-million dollars was spent on some 650 police officers. He noted that today there are close to 850 officers with over $32-million dollars being spent.

With an additional 20 officers to join the RSVG Force, the Prime Minister said that it is necessary to have more manpower to combat crime as there are ruthless “associational groupings”.

Dr. Gonsalves also lashed out at those who are playing politics with crime and who are trying to place the blame on his unity labour party administration.

In giving full support to diligent police officers who carry out their duties, PM Gonsalves advised them to “reasonably” protect themselves and law abiding citizens of this nation.

The Minister of National Security also pledged his government’s support to defend police officers and they will continue to receive the necessary training.

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