SVG Not Politically Unified Enough to Handle Disasters


Thanks to tribalism, SVG is not politically in a position to garner the required unity to deal with issues such as natural disasters.

That’s according to Queen’s Counsel Parnel Campbell on his Law and You program Monday evening on SVG-TV continuing the discussion on political tribalism.

Campbell said much like other caribbean countries, the political system which is a system of competition, is not designed for times of disaster adding that it inhibits a nation’s ability to maximize its resources.

Campbell took the opportunity to compare SVG’s system, of governance to that of the United States which allows for greater participation of political parties thus facilitating corporation in critical areas.

The Queen’s Counsel added that whilst in the past political parties were able to unify after an election, the advent of elements such as talk radio has aided in creating a heated political atmosphere which further prevents meaningful corporation by the political parties on critical issues such as a natural disaster.

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