PM Gonsalves Advises Students of SVG Community College to be more Prudent in their pursuit of Higher Education


Students of SVG Community College met with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves at the villa campus where the discussion focused on educational funding opportunities available in the various sectors of the country.

The Prime Minister who is Minister of Finance advised the students and other persons to be more prudent in their pursuit of higher education.

PM Gonsalves described a university education as “an investment” which costs thousands. He said many persons are not knowledgeable about the “real costs” of university life and they end up in a financial bind.

He also warns of pursuing an education at offshore universities which could cost as much as a quarter million dollars.

The prime minister said his administration has programmes in place to help facilitate students, such as the “support for education and training” program. He said that it is important to pursue higher education, so that one could earn a decent living so that they can contribute to family and the economy.

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