Election Petition Case Adjourned Until Next Available Date


The election petition case has been adjourned and will resume at the next available date for hearing either December 2017 or January 2018.

That’s according to Justice Esco Henry following a rejection of a consent order by the petitioners for the inspection of ballot boxes on day two of the hearing at the high court in Kingstown.

Senior counsel for the respondents Douglas Mendez, expressed his displeasure that lawyers for the petitioners, were insistent that “all” and not their agreed upon “four “ ballot boxes will be inspected.

Mendez argued that he was coming from St. Kitts from another trial, and that he did not have in his possession, the necessary documents to put forward a case to argue the position, which he said that the petitioners had now changed.

He told the court, that he only discovered this before the 10:20 am break, when the petitioners insisted that all ballot boxes should be inspected.

This led to a breakdown in the Consent Order Agreement for the inspection of the ballot boxes, to which both parties then agreed to an adjournment.

In her deliberation, Justice Henry said that a notice should be filed on or before November 1st 2017,  to the registrar to inform her of the new hearing date.

She also stipulated that the registrar be served 21 days in advance, with proof of service.

Justice Henry also made it known that non-compliance with the timeline among other things, will attract “wasted lost sanctions.”


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