PM Gonsalves Calling for “All Hands On Deck” to Help Take Country Forward


Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is calling for “all hands on deck” to help take this country forward.

As he addressed hundreds at the 38th Independence Parade at the Victoria Park on Independence Day on Friday 27th October, Prime Minister Gonsalves warned of those he termed as “apostles of doom and gloom,” who want to pull down the nation.

He said that public policy is serious business for serious people, and that unity, peace, and justice, should be the watchwords of this nation.

As expected the Prime Minister also used his address to announce a number of incentives including concessions on Christmas barrels and further bursaries and scholarships for students.

The Prime Minister also announced that 100 teachers who have graduated since 2012, will be appointed to graduate teachers as of January 2018 and that those educators who graduated since 2013, will also receive graduate teacher appointment, over a 3 year span.

He also announced that farmers, who had leased government lands, would now be able to attain them fully.

Several Cultural and Sporting Ambassadors were also named. The Cultural Ambassadors are artist Lenox “Dinx” Johnson, and fashion designer Kimon Baptiste- St. Rose. The Sports Ambassadors are former West Indies Cricketer Michael Findlay, special olympian Terrance Davis and netballer Delerease Duncan.

The Prime Minister further noted that an official text on the history of this nation will be published and that a committee has been established to determine other national heroes.

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