Mayreau Receives Water Capacity Boost


Residents on the Grenadine Island of Mayreau have been encouraged to be their neighbor’s keeper.

This encouragement comes from MP for the Southern Grenadines Terrance Ollivierre as he spoke at the launch of a new water resource management project on the grenadine island.

The project which has a budget of one hundred thousand US dollars aims at improving the water storage capacity on the island by providing 50 residents, with a thousand gallon tank, and will also see the repair of existing water catchment systems.

Ollivierre said that the project will have a positive effect on the island which is easily impacted by water shortage and used the opportunity to encourage the residents to be their neighbor’s’ keeper.

Also speaking at the launching ceremony was Minister of Economic Planning Camillo Gonsalves who examined the usage of water on the mainland and said the additional 70-thousand gallons of water will have a positive effect on residents of Mayreau.

Gonsalves said application surveys will be distributed to residents on the island to ensure that all can apply for one of the water tanks and highlighted what aspects will be given greater consideration.

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