Private Sector Must be Allowed to Develop to Create Opportunities for the Youth


The private sector must be allowed to develop itself in order to promote economic growth and create wealth and other opportunities for the youth of SVG.

That’s according to the Opposition Leader Dr. Godwin Friday as he spoke at a Youth Conference hosted by his New Democratic Party on Thursday at the Frenches House where issues concerning the youth and the economy were highlighted.

Dr. Friday said the private sector must be have an environment in which it can grow and create the needed opportunities for the youth highlighting the merits of the NDP proposed Ministry of the Private Sector.

Dr. Friday expressed concern about issues such as brain drain due to the lack of opportunities for the youth adding that vincentians must be allowed to invest in their own country.

The NDP leader took the opportunity to highlight areas where investments are needed adding that priority must be placed in some areas of the economy over others.

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