SVG Transparent in Dealings with Manafort & Gates Investigation


Former Chief Executive Officer of the Offshore Financial Authority, Attorney Dr. Linton Lewis believes that this country, has been transparent pertaining to its dealings with the Manafort & Gates investigation.

Paul Manafort who was US President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager was indicted by the US Federal Grand Jury for alleged dealings with the Ukraine government and money laundering in which SVG was implicated.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines were two of several locations for banks allegedly used by Manafort and Gates to stash and launder tens of millions of dollars.

Speaking on Boom FM on Friday, Dr. Lewis said it is not illegal for persons to set up entities such as industrial business companies in countries such as St.Vincent & the Grenadines.

He said this does not always mean that they are trying to launder money, but it’s also a means by which wealthy persons may engage in estate and tax planning among other things.

The attorney who has represented Caricom on the Commonwealth and the Financial Action Task Force, explained that the investigation and indictment of Manafort & Gates has been in the works since 2012 and this country seemed to be cooperating with the FBI on the investigation.

Dr. Lewis says SVG has been following requisite international financial guidelines under the mutual assistance on money laundering act among other principles.

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  1. That Lewis has stated that Manafort was being investigated since 2012 ,is a fallacy! The Special Counsel ,Robert Mueller was appointed in Mary of this year by the US Attorney General,Jeff Session,after the fake Russian Dossier, allegedly, pointed to people in the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russian government.

    It is against this backdrop, the special counsel started his investigation; the point at which Manafort’ malfeasance dating back to 2008-2014 was uncovered.

    The fact that Lewis intentionally attempts to mislead the public,the question to be asked: What role did the body he represented, neglected its due diligence? That Manafort was a lobbyist and an unregistered foreign agent,were two reasons, closer look would have been required…Moreover, an investigation is needed to uncover the money trail …

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