The Role of a Pharmacist is Not Just About Dispensing Drugs, According to Health Minister


The role of a pharmacist is not simply to compound and dispense drugs but about ensuring the quality delivery of health care.

That’s according to the Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, Luke Brown while delivering the feature address at the opening of the end of year summit, hosted by the Caribbean Association of Pharmacist here is SVG over the weekend.

Speaking in relation to the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry in SVG, Minister Browne said significant changes have been made in relation to the medication provided to the populace but noted that more must be done to ensure patient care and rights.

The Health Minister said organizations such as the Caribbean Association of Pharmacist play an important role in ensuring that pharmacists are the best they can be.

Browne expressed elation in the capability of local pharmacists adding that it is his hope that similar capacity boosting activities are held for other health care professionals

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