Another Medical Professional Gives HPV Vaccine the Thumbs Up


Local Pathologist Dr. Ronald Child has given the thumbs up to the use of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine here in SVG.

With his job being to consult or assist physicians and patients by providing diagnostic services based on the study of tissues and fluids removed from the body during surgery, in a recent interview Dr. Child pointed out that breast and cervical cancers are the most prominent cancers among women, with prostate being the top cancer found in men.

Pointing out that all cancers can be prevented; Dr. Child outlined the effectiveness of vaccines in fighting diseases.

Dr. Child also dismissed the thought that the HPV vaccine plays a role in getting the patient infected with the virus.

The pathologist however noted the need for more dialogue between the relevant authorities as well as parents and teachers, so as to sensitize persons more about the vaccine and tackle the issue of fear.

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