Occupational Safety & Health Bill Receives Unanimous Support in Parliament


With over 3 million deaths every year and close to 400 million work related non-fatal injuries and illnesses worldwide, this country is doing its part to protect the rights of workers through the occupational safety & health bill 2017.

With unanimous support from both sides the bill was adopted in parliament on Tuesday.

Minister of Labour, Camillo Gonsalves who presented the document, said that it is also part of this country’s initiative to keep up with sustainable development goals.

Gonsalves emphasized that this government has an obligation to protect the rights of workers and make employee’s rights a priority.

The Labour Minister further noted that the bill will also ensure that the investment sector has a strong footing, as there will be best practices that investors must adhere to.

The Labour Minister said the occupational safety & health bill will be enacted in stages to ensure that not only government, but also the private sector, can comply with the regulations

Members on The opposition bench in parliament lauded the recently occupational safety & health bill 2017 as a “good document.”

Sharing his insight into the bill, Leader of the opposition, Dr. Godwin Friday said it is somewhat of an update to the “factories act”.

Dr. Friday said that he had no problem with the document which he believes would protect workers and employers.

Opposition Senator Dr. Julian Ferdinand described the occupational safety & health bill of 2017, as  “well woven” and said this is an example of progressive work when partisan politics is put aside.

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