Local and Regional Trade Experts to Benefit from ECLAC Workshop


Regional and local trade experts, researchers and negotiators are from Tuesday November 14th to Thursday November 16th participating in a data analysis workshop at the foreign affairs conference room.

The workshop is being hosted by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in collaboration with the Commonwealth Hub and Spokes programme, the OECS Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce here in SVG.

The aim of the workshop is to conduct training in three software packages used to analyze trade performance.

Coordinator at the ECLAC office in Trinidad, Sheldon Mclean said the workshop forms part of ECLAC capacity building efforts as they partner with other regional agencies to build trade capacity and promote economic development among the ECCU member states.

Regional Trade Advisor within the hub and spokes programme at the OECS Commission, Allan Paul commended the willingness of all partners to enhance their skills in analyzing trading data.

Welcoming the visiting participants and expressing gratitude to all involved parties, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Sir Louis Straker, deemed the workshop as very timely noting that there is a need to seek innovative ways to harness and manage trade data.

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