Former PM Claims Persons Living in Fear


Former Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell believes that many in this country are living in fear.

Sir James who was on Boom FM recently, expressed concern over tourism and as well as the crime level which he said has caused persons to refrain from going out at nights.

He quoted statistics from the Caribbean Safety & Security Network, which tracks crimes in the yachting sector in the Caribbean.

He outlined that in 2015, violence against yachties increased by 500% in St. Vincent & the Grenadines and that the figures show that SVG accounts for 33% of all the crimes against yachties in the Caribbean.

Sir James said that the other concern of fear, relates to political victimization. He said that many vincentians are living in fear because they will be targeted if they address issues pertaining to their democratic rights.

The former prime minister also made a call for the relevant authorities to look into the high cost of flights from neighbouring countries to the Grenadines.

Commenting on the recruitment of police officers here, Sir James is of the view that the system is often tainted by partisan political preference, rather than merit.

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