Passengers of Public Transportation Encouraged to Desist from Reckless Behavior


Passengers particularly the youth are being encouraged to desist from reckless behavior whilst traveling in public transportation.

The encouragement comes from Sergeant Parnel Browne of the Traffic Department of the RSVG Police Force as he spoke on videos circulating on social media displaying students engaged in what has been deemed as dangerous behavior whilst in Omni buses.

Sergeant Browne said in one such video persons were observed dancing as well as having part of their bodies out of the vehicle a situation which he said can lead to serious injuries or death.

Speaking in relation to the recently held “Road Trip,” the police sergeant said members of the traffic department were along the route ensuring that their safety regulations were adhered to by the Omni buses taking part in the activity.

Sergeant Browne added that the force has been engaged in stakeholder meetings with omnibus owners and operators including those who are featured in the various social media videos to charter a way forward.

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