Police Investigating Death of Elderly Man found in Stubbs


Police here are investigating the death of an elderly shoe maker in the Stubbs area over the weekend.

Reports are that on Sunday 19th November, 60-year-old Carl “Abu” Richards was found in the lower section of his two story house in the Stubbs community.

Residents in the area reported that a foul smell was emanating from the house, and upon investigation, they discovered Richards’ motionless body, with his hands tied behind his back.

Police were called to the scene.

A post-mortem examination will be conducted on the body of the 60-year-old to ascertain the cause of death.

Speaking with persons in the area who knew Richards, they said that they last saw the shoemaker on Friday and did not see him go into town on Saturday, to conduct his usual business.

They described Richards as an easy-going simple guy who was faithful to everyone, particularly his customers.

Residents also recounted that about three years ago there was an attempted robbery against Richards, who had to flee his home.




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