Former NDP Leader Rebukes Senior Member for Public Comments made on the Party’s Senatorial Appointments


Former Leader of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) Arnhim Eustace is cautioning that an “undisciplined approach may contribute to a breakdown” of the political party.

Eustace made this rebuff on Monday in relation to recent statements made on radio by Vice President of the NDP St. Clair Leacock’s over the party’s senatorial appointments.

In his reproach to Leacock on Monday on the NDP’s New Times radio programme, Eustace said that Leacock, who is a senior member of the party, should know better deeming his statements “inappropriate”.

Eustace said there are “organs” within the party to address concerns within the party, and that an undisciplined approach should not be taken to deal with such issues.

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