Idea Generation Session on Development of Green Tech Businesses


Aimed at addressing climate change issues and how Green Tech businesses can play a role in combating such issues here in SVG an Idea Generation Session was held here on Tuesday afternoon to provide counseling and guidance in developing entrepreneurial mindsets and skills towards the development of green tech businesses here.

Hosted by the Conservative Solutions Inc (CSI), which serves as the local hub for the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center (CCIC), the event featured a panel discussion on climate change and related challenges affecting SVG and heard presentations from a number of professionals from the Agribusiness and renewable energy fields.

In his remarks, Executive Director of (CSI) Dr. Ashley John thanked the participants for displaying a willingness to combat climate change related issues here in SVG.

Noting that SVG and the entire Caribbean region, is highly vulnerable to natural hazards which will be increased due to climate change, Dr. John said there is a need for persons to be very creative and adapt green tech solutions to reduce such risks and help to increase a country’s resilience.

Project Manager at (CCIC) Carlinton Burrell said the session provides a forum for participants to develop new perspectives which can address climate change issues.

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