Leacock Continues to Defend Himself Against Criticisms within and outside of the NDP


Vice President of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) St. Clair Leacock, is peeved by recent statements made on a radio program in which political commentator Keith Joseph described him as “the weakest link” within the party.

Leacock called in on Boom FM Monday morning and said while he could tolerate being admonished by executive members in the NDP, he however found it “out of place” that Joseph was rebuking him and calling on him to make a commitment to the NDP.

Leacock said he should not be rebuffed for expressing his feelings that the NDP candidate for South Central Windward, Israel Bruce should be a senator instead of senator Zita Barnwell.

The member of parliament for Central Kingstown said that he is “fed up” by the attacks that have come against him, and that he will not bow or genuflect to anyone. Leacock also questioned Barnwell’s contribution as a senator for the opposition.

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