Electric Vehicles Well Suited for SVG’s Terrain


Electric vehicles have proven themselves to be superior to their internal combustion rivals and are well suited for SVG and vincentians.

That’s according to Energy Officer Leshawn Monroes of Promoting Access to Clean Energy Project (PACES), as she spoke at a workshop held  earlier this week highlighting the results of tests conducted on an electric vehicle to determine its compatibility to SVG.

Monroes said given the data received it shows that these vehicles can adequately maneuver through SVG’s terrain both in terms of to hilly topography as well as the winding nature of the road network.

Monroes added that in comparison to the internal combustion variants the electric vehicle is more cost effective than most of the vehicles present in use here.

The paces project officer took the opportunity to highlight a feature of the electric vehicles which improves its over energy use.

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