Candlelight March and Rally Held in Biabou to End 16 Days of Gender Based Violence Activism


Sunday December 10th was observed globally as Human Rights Day, it also marked the end of the United Nation’s 16 days of activism against gender based violence which ran from November 25th to December 10th, under the theme “leave no one behind, end violence against women and girls.

The gender affairs division held a candlelight march and rally in the Biabou community on Sunday evening to bring to an end the 16 days campaign here in SVG.

The rally also saw two individuals, sharing their testimonies on how they were affected by and have survived instances of domestic violence.

In her remarks, survivor Sarah Badnock noted that she has experienced a number of domestic violence related situations, including one that involved one of her children. She further encouraged single mothers to do all in their power to protect their children.

Badnock who is a mother of seven further called for the age of consent to be raised.

Giving a testimony on behalf of her sister the late Monique Clarke who died as a result of a domestic abuse incident in the Biabou area recently, Iesha Richardson called on persons to speak out against instances of domestic violence.

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