Prisoner Joleen Williams Wins 2017 Prisons Public Speaking Competition


Female prisoner Joleen Williams built a strong case for a partnership between the business community and the prison authorities here to capture the 2017 Prisons Public Speaking Competitions on Monday as part of activities for Prison Service Week.

Seven inmates took part in the competition and highlighted issues relating to the participation of the business sector as well as a need for convicts who have served their time to be accepted back into society.

In his opening remarks superintendent of prisons Brenton Charles said that the topics were serious ones which have an impact on the inmate’s ability to become productive members of society.

Superintendent Charles commended the participating inmates for their presentations and expressed hope that their words will have a positive impact on how those who have served their time behind bars are treated when reintegrated into the society.

The prisons superintendent took the opportunity to quote a biblical scripture to encourage those who have committed wrongs to accept responsibility for their actions so that society can accept their return more easily

Here is a highlight of the top three presentations in the prison’s public speaking competition

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