Judge Esco Henry to Make Ruling on Election Petitions Case in Early 2018


Come January or February 2018, Judge Esco Henry will determine if the ballot boxes in the December 9th 2015, General Election will be examined.

Her ladyship made the pronouncement on Wednesday, on day two of the election petitions case, where arguments were put forward by Queen’s Counsel Anthony Astaphan who is representing the respondents and lead counsel for the petitioners Stanley “Stalky” John.

John said that the outcome of the decision will affect the outcome of the case quantitatively as well as qualitatively, and reiterated their position that some of the ballots of the December 9th 2015 General Elections were defective.

Astaphan, a counsel for the respondents referred to other cases to validate his arguments in court. He reiterated that a petition hearing, must never be a “fishing expedition” and that evidence of irregularities must be presented first, instead of being sought after.

As they exited the court, the lawyers for the respondents, had an air of self-assurance and are of the belief that the arguments they put forward would be justified.

The lawyers for the petitioners on the other hand are of the view that justice will be carried out. They also pressed the point the people have the right to know.

Viewing the court proceedings in a positive way, leader of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) Dr. Godwin Friday said that he was impressed by their legal team and that his party remains resolute.

Friday said that the people of SVG deserved to know the truth and is hopeful that the matter will be settled quickly.

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