Traffic Department Intends to do its Utmost to Maintain Order During Christmas Season


The Traffic Department will be doing its utmost to ensure that pedestrians are able to use the sidewalks adequately as well as to ensure that order is maintained throughout this busy christmas shopping season

That’s according to Inspector Henry Providence of the RSVG Police Force as he spoke on radio in relation to work the department will be engaged in to maintain order on the street of capital Kingstown and throughout the island.

Inspector Providence said while he recognises that many streets are crowded with vendors, it would take a multi sectoral approach to have the issue dealt with. He however noted that traffic cops will be doing their utmost to ensure that vehicles are not parked on the sidewalks of Kingstown.

Inspector Providence said they recognized that there are some persons who are unwilling to utilize paid parking and warned against the practice of illegal parking

The police inspector also took the opportunity to warn persons against driving without a valid license and with an uninsured vehicle

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