Local Taxi Operators and Tourism Stakeholders Receive High Praises from Tourism Authority CEO


Local taxi operators as well as other tourism stakeholders have come in for high praise, as SVG continues to experience a good cruise season.

The commendation comes from Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Authority, Glen Beache, who stated that SVG has moved from 87-thousand cruise passengers in 2016 to around 320-thousand this year, and encouraged all tourism stakeholders to continue to play their part in further developing the country’s tourism product.

Whilst admitting that there are aspects of the tourism product that requires attention, Beache however noted SVG is on a sound footing and things could only get better.

Beache said that SVG had made tremendous strides in tourism in a short period of time attracting a number of visitors by air and sea.

The Tourism Authority CEO said they have put together an exceptional package for the airlines adding that SVG is in a competitive position to that of other Caribbean islands.

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