Opposition Leader Expresses Reservations About Recent Influx of Cruise Visitors


Opposition Leader Dr. Godwin Friday has expressed concern that the influx of cruise visitors can do more harm than good.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in New York on Sunday, Dr Friday explained that while there has been an incredible increase in cruise visitors, the lack of preparation to entice visitors to return to the island, is an issue of concern.

The Opposition Leader is of the view, most of the new comers, are being exposed to issues that the government has not addressed to make the island more visitor friendly

Friday is also of the view, that there needs to be more activities to encourage more spending by cruise visitors, noting that SVG has one of the lowest in cruise and crew passenger spending which must be changed.

Dr. Friday who is also the opposition shadow Minister of Tourism further expressed concern that not enough is being done to ensure that there are gains from the Argyle International Airport. He called on the relevant authorities to be more strategic in the marketing of the air facility which cost millions of dollars to construct.

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