PM Disturbed with Corporate Sector and Constant AIA Criticism


Disturbed by some employers who refuse to pay their workers “Pay As You Earn” or (P.A.Y.E) deductions, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said such action, is not only criminal but also immoral.

The former minister of finance further noted that such action by the corporate sector, ultimately affects pension and retirement benefits, which is the fastest growing item on the current expenditure.

Also not happy with the constant criticism leveled against the Argyle International Airport, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said that the air facility is a marvel.

PM Gonsalves who is responsible for Minister of Airports, said that many doubted that it would have been completed, and now that it is up and running, critics are trying their best to discredit the facility.

The Prime Minister specifically identified the opposition New Democratic Party as fueling the culture of hate for the Argyle International Airport and described their agenda as petty.

Dr. Gonsalves also used the opportunity to speak on several positive attributes to the operations of the air facility, noting that there has been no flooding, despite heavy rains, unlike at the former E.T. Joshua Airport.

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